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Tortilla Española & Roasted Salsa

I didn’t have a party for my 30th, but it has certainly been an spectacular string of celebrations throughout the week! I’m so lucky to have so many kind and thoughtful people in my life. Really really blessed.

Here’s a quick recap. On the 3rd, Kenny’s parents came over and cooked me a meal, a delicious steak dinner (Kenny grills the best one ever), and we (along with his brother and wife who joined us!) walked across the street to see our local fireworks. It was packed, had a sting of food trucks and turned out to be one of the best fireworks shows I’ve ever seen! There’s our new tradition right there. Great night with family.

I headed to my parents house two days later to celebrate again. I was treated to an delish meal by mom – huevos rancheros to die for, and my favorite peach pie (I don’t know why I haven’t blogged it yet!)- and such a fun time with family. A little euchre, a lot of laughs, a little Game of Thrones theorizing…

The next day we went to a Cubs game, and had a super fun day hanging with friends in Chicago. We had friends over again for my actual birthday the next day; in the morning I treated myself to some new blogging dishes, got a pedicure, and then later was spoiled by a fabulous dinner, delicious drinks and great company! The day after that, yesterday, we went to Indy for a concert, the Barenaked Ladies. Remember them? Well, they put on a super fun show! After a fun late night in Indy, my birthday celebrations have come to an end. I’ll need some time to recover, relax, and regroup, but 30 is one I certainly won’t forget.

Our friend Greg was in town and hanging out with us for my birthday. He’s also an amazing cook. He is always commenting on pictures and stuff that I post, so I knew I had to make him something yummy when he came to stay. I also knew it had to be something healthy and sustaining; with all the partying and eating out that’s been happening this week, planning a healthy meal was necessary to keep me feeling strong and balanced… and ready for the next party!

This Spanish tortilla was the perfect fit, especially with the roasted salsa on top. It added a whole new dimension! Greg and Kenny really, really enjoyed this one, although I think Greg might have outdone me with the Asian tacos he made later that day. I’ll have to share those with you soon!

Tortilla Española & Roasted Salsa: Healthy Recipes by Little Miss Bakery Tortilla Española & Roasted Salsa: Healthy Recipes by Little Miss Bakery

Tortilla española is a classic Spanish dish, a potato pancake with beautiful layers. An awesome food for any meal of the day. When I studied in Madrid, if was one of my favorite things to eat. These are smaller, but the Spaniards can make them super thick! Cooking it brought me back to the streets of Sol, the vibrant downtown of Madrid, sitting in a cafe, sipping cafe con leche, eating a delicious slice of tortilla. You’ve gotta go! Spain is my favorite ever.

The tortilla is simple enough but does require a bit of technique. Make sure to flatten the potatoes and onion in the pan before adding the egg. While cooking, pull the tortilla back from the bottom of then pan while its cooking to let the raw egg seep out. The flip is key- slide the tortilla onto a plate, place the cast iron back on top, and flip. It’s not typically served with a salsa, that’s my thing. I’m a bit salsa-obsessed, and this spicy roasted version doesn’t disappoint!

The recipe below is for two small cast iron skillets, but can be combined into a medium sized skillet. If you have a large skillet (14in – 16in) I’d probably do a recipe and a half.

When you you cook the potatoes and onions initially, you are cooking them in quite a bit of olive oil. You do drain this out, but obviously some has absorbed into the produce. If you’re concerned about fat content, you could boil the potatoes separately until soft (but not too soft!), saute the onions for 7-10 minutes over medium heat and then add the garlic and saute for a couple extra minutes. Then it would be very, very low calorie and would still taste good.

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